About Adregal

Who We Are

Adregal is dedicated to bring
a new level of efficiency into
the way you run targeted ad campaigns
and monetize your site traffic.

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Traffic sources

We have hundreds of new traffic
sources everyday. You'll find
the traffic you are looking for.


We have a strong branch of advertisers
and are looking for new everyday.
Your traffic will be monetised
and you will be happy with our bids.

Our team

All of us have been working
in digital marketing for 3-7 years.
Our experience at your service.

Our Targets

We've created our own strong
filtering system and platform
to manage your results.
We will increase your revenues.

Our Strategy

Each of our partner is a unique
business, we are working to find
the best ways to help you go up.


There are more than a million
queries per hour in our system


We have more than 200K clicks
per hour. And even more in hot hours


Join our team and gain
with Adregal now!