Who We Are

Adregal is dedicated to bring
a new level of efficiency into
the way you run targeted ad campaigns
and monetize your site traffic.

Traffic sources

We have hundreds of new traffic
sources everyday. You'll find
the traffic you are looking for.


We have a strong branch of advertisers
and are looking for new everyday.
Your traffic will be monetised
and you will be happy with our bids.

Skills & Services

24/7 support

We are international company
and can be in touch with
any timezone


We are flexible with the payments,
chose the method and terms you like

Clear stats

Our goal is to make our cooperation
easy and profitable, our website
is clear and simple

Easy to start

Just register in our system or
contact us and you'll become
a member of our team


Join our happy advertisers
team and your advertising
will work

Clicks an hour

We monetise our publishers'
sources and deliver clicks
to advertisers


There are all counties traffic in our system. Get only GEOs you need

Contact us

Want to become a member of our team
or need any additional info?
Please  send us a message
and our support will get in touch
in 2 hours.


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